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  • Towards Belief Episode 1: Suffering

Towards Belief Episode 1: Suffering

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Suffering has always been a problem for humanity, whether it’s a medical emergency, a natural disaster or an emotional issue. Why do some people have a tough life and other people get it easy? Is it luck, is it fate, is it karma? For the person who believes in God or calls themselves a Christian, that’s even more difficult. You see, we believe in an all-loving and all-powerful God and therefore if we suffer it’s because either God doesn’t love us because He allows it to happen, or God can’t stop it. In other words, He loves us, is not able to stop it so therefore He’s not all powerful. For many this is a philosophical conundrum but for others it’s personal. Why doesn’t God help me? Why doesn’t God stop my suffering? For centuries this has been an issue for all of humanity and it’s the issue we’re going to look at in this episode.