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Towards Belief DVD and Discussion Guide


Towards Belief is a 10 part series (28 min episodes) seeking to defuse the belief blockers of our time. Based on research in Australia in 2011 conducted for Olive Tree Media, Towards Belief follows pastor and host, Karl Faase as he travels to the UK, USA and Australia to interview over 30 of the world’s leading thinkers on topics such as Church Abuse, Science & God, Suffering, Exclusive Faith, plus many more…The Towards Belief set comes complete with 2 DVDs and a Discussion Guide for personal or group study.
This is an essential resource for all churches and ministry groups committed to helping people explore Christian faith, as well as equipping Christians with a better understanding of the belief blockers. PLEASE NOTE: THE DVD IS IN PAL FORMAT WHICH IS SUITABLE IN MOST INTERNATIONAL REGIONS BUT NOT IN THE USA OR CANADA.  TOWARDS BELIEF CAN ALSO BE PURCHASED BY DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.